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COVID Policies

 We re-opened in July 2020 after mandatory COVID shutdowns and we're sew happy to be back offering classes again! We're pleased with the positive feedback we've received with the steps we've taken to keep folks as safe as possible during these times AND still bring much needed creativity , socialization and learning into people's lives. Please read the below points before attending your class/workshop.

 ~ Please note that this our COVID Policy page. Visit  HERE to find our studio policies. 


What We Ask Of You: 

~ As of March 14, 2022 masks will be optional inside the studio, but are subject to change. However, we will still be taking the precautions listed below. 

~ All students will be expected to wash their hands or use sanitizer upon entry to the studio.

~ If you have had direct contact with a person(s) who has or is suspected of having COVID it is required that you wait 5 days before attending a class/workshop. 

~ If you have tested positive for COVID you are required to wait 7 days from test date and you must be symptom free before attending classes. If you have had any COVID related symptoms you are required to wait 7 days from the onset of those symptoms and be symptom free before you attend classes.

~ If when at the studio you find you have anything more than a quick cough or sneeze, if you can please take yourself into the front room until it resolves. Students with persistent coughs or sneezes may need to end their class early. We keep water on hand incase students don't have any, as we understand dry air and allergies can cause coughing. Please bring water and/or cough drops if you are prone to throat irritations.

~ If you are not feeling well and/or have a fever/cough/sneezing do not attend classes/workshops at the studio. Please reach out to your instructor. 


What We're Doing:

~ Historically, we have always cleaned thoroughly but in lieu of the current climate we will be increasing this. Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized on a more frequent basis. All machines and supplies are sanitized after each class. 

~ We have decreased our class/workshop size to ensure folk's have four - five feet between each work station. 

~ Fans are in all of the studio windows that exhaust out and intake fresh air.  

~ An air purifier is run during all classes/workshops.

~ Our instructors wear properly fitted facemasks and when applicable additionally wear clear face shields. 


We want to keep our instructors safe as well. By following our procedures and remembering not to stand closer than necessary to our instructors when not needed we are confident we can continue in a safe manor and enjoy the process of learning and creativity together. 


COVID CREDITS: If you were enrolled in an offering and your class was discontinued or canceled due to the mandatory COVID shut down, you were issued a credit. You would have received an email at that time with a credit code good for one year, as well as additional reminder and informational emails. Please note, credits contain no-cash value, are non-refundable and expire within one year. Under no circumstances can we hold your credit longer than a year nor reimburse you. We can’t guarantee that the class you were previously in will be an option when we are allowed to re-open again. It is the students responsibility to open and read their credit and other e-mails from the studio. It is not the studio's responsibility if you did not see or review the email. 


* Please Note: Our Standard Studio Policies, which we've had in place for several years, apply to all registrations. We understand that these are particularly difficult times, due to COVD, but unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to our polices to accommodate everyone's individual needs. Our policies apply to all COVID and Non-COVID related matters. However, if you can not attend a class please let the studio know prior to your start, as in rare circumstances we may be able to work with you, but there is no guarantee. Visit  HERE to find our studio policies before registering.