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About The Classes

The Creative Sewing Studio was opened by Mikala Cash in 2007, first as a custom handbag and clothing business that has since evolved into a thriving sewing, fashion and art studio for adults and children.

In a typical class you can expect to enjoy soothing world music, friendly chatter, stimulating décor and a relaxing creative ambiance. Located in southern Massachusetts, the studio is easily accessible from anywhere in RI, MA, and southern New England. The Creative Sewing Studio offers dozens of different sewing, fashion and art classes, workshops, events and trips through out the year. Our children's art classes are for ages 8.5 -13.5 and our adult offerings are for ages 16 and over. All offerings are designed to be fun, inspirational and educational.

With a wide variety of sewing classes we cater to the complete beginner right on through to the skilled sewists. With exciting and modern projects, skilled instructors and personal attention our classes are going to provide the beginner with a solid foundation and enable experienced sewers to advance their current skills. Students will construct projects that are going to challenge and inspire them, they will gain a better understanding of the world of sewing and new friendships.

In addition to our sewing courses we bring in visiting artists each month to teach in an array of mediums. These instructors are skilled in their craft and the workshops they instruct are a great introduction into other forms of art like knitting, calligraphy, painting, bead work and yoga to name a few.

It is always encouraged to express and share your creativity, to bounce ideas off one another and ask any questions you have. So have fun with it and enjoy the journey of learning, enhancing your skills and seeing your projects come alive!

~ The Modern Sewist ~

The sewists’ today are working with vibrant, exciting and modern fabrics and patterns. We are creating wonderful pieces of art through the sewing and design process. Beautiful and contemporary fabrics, trims and notions are limitlessly available. We take pride in what we create, whether we intend to keep it for ourselves or give as a gift.

Hand sewing has been around for over 20,000 years & machine sewing has been around since the Industrial revolution. Through the centuries, the art of sewing has persevered and though the basics are still the same it has morphed and changed as society has, to fit the needs of the modern sewer.

We are taking an old skill and modernizing it. We still sew curtains, wedding dresses, dolls and blankets as generations past did but now we also make our own Yoga Mat Bags, Lap Top Carriers, Kindle Covers and iPad Covers.

We are deconstructing and embellishing clothing to keep with current trends or to create our personal style. Sewing, fashion and design go hand in hand and today’s sewists have the freedom to express their inner creativity more than ever!


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