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The Sun Chronicle, 2010

“North Woman Designs Profitable Business”

... It's amazing when you have someone who has never sewn before complete their first project. They get that sparkle in their eye and start thinking about what they'll make next...

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The Providence Phoenix, 2008

“Best of Providence, Editors Pick for Feminine Ostentatious Display”

Women are so lucky! They not only get to dress fancy but also can carry handbags that are much more interesting and personalizing than the simple black messenger bag that a guy is lucky to get away with ....The limited-edition purses and handbags by Mikala Cash Designs are ...

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My Backyard, 2007

“Lifelong Passion Made Artfully Elegant”

Mikala's bags are full of personality. She also allows the music she listens to, to occasionally direct her to her choice fabric... sometimes a song will inspire me to use a different fabric than what I originally had in mind.. it's a one person dance party in here, she laughs........

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The Sun Chronicle, 2007

“Enthusiasm Is ‘In The Bag’ For This Local Business”

If enthusiasm is what's needed to guarantee success for a new business, Mikala Cash has got it in the bag. The 28-year-old North Attleboro native has cashed in on her love of fabrics and sewing by creating a thriving handbag business...

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