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Kids Sewing Supply Kits

Kids Sewing Supply Kits


Kids Sewing Supply Kit

Our Kids Sewing Supply Kits include all your basic supplies to start your sewing journey. Not only do we save you the step of searching for all these individual items but you'll be sure to have all the correct tools for in class and at home. Sewing Kits are purchased here online before your course and will be ready for you on your first day of class.

Kits are required for all classes beside our Kids Sewing 100 Course. During the Sewing 100 Course children are welcome to borrow supplies from the studio. However, we have found many families are purchasing the kits so their child have their own supplies instead of sharing.

*Please note that these kits are made special for our current and future students. We do not ship kits and they should not be purchased unless a student of the studio. 

Kits Includes:

  • 7" Pair Of Fabric Scissors
  • Clear 2" Sewing Ruler
  • Box Of Ball Point Pins
  • Seam Ripper
  • Ink Pen
  • Two Colored Pencils For Marking
  • Water Soluble Marking Tool
  • Disappearing Pen
  • Disappearing Marker

Please make sure to mark you sewing tools so that you can distinguish them from others in the class. 


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