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Adult Sewing Patterns Courses For Beginners

Sewing Patterns 101


Whether you've recently completed our Sewing 100 Course  or are coming in with previous sewing experience this dynamic introductory patterns course is great for those who want to learn to work with store bought patterns! This course will provide a solid foundation with reading and cutting sewing patterns as well as understanding the terminology and symbols used.  

By utilizing Simplicity and McCall’s patterns students will have a choice of six different accessory or craft projects to sew. Projects range from knitting needle and crochet hook cases to aprons to handbags to ties and more! Students will also learn techniques like tops stitching, working with fusibles and learning more about their machines like stitch length, tension and more! With several patterns to choose from you can take this course over and over to gain more confidence and try working with different patterns. Students will receive an informational reminder email a week before your course with a small list of Sewing Tools needed.  

Goals Of This Beginner Sewing Patterns Course:

  • Learn how to select store bought patterns
  • Learn to sew store bought patterns
  • Discuss language, symbols and how to read sewing patterns
  • Learn about the grain of the fabric and technique for cutting sewing patterns
  • Discuss symbols and shapes on patterns in relation to putting pattern pieces together
  • Learn about different types of fabric that would be best for your projects
  • Discuss thread, needles and pins in relation to your project and fabric
  • Learn to work with bias tape, padding, elastic and magnetic snaps
  • Will learn several tips that will make the whole sewing process much easier

Leave With:

  • A pattern
  • Project to take home
  • List of sewing terminology
  • List of over 50 local fabric stores
  • Information and visuals regarding different needles and when to use them
  • General information on basic sewing supplies and sewing machines

Class Cost: $148 or $160 depending on if it's a four week or five week course. + $15 pattern fee. It does not cover the cost of fabric or notions. In our first class we will discuss what fabric and a small list of Sewing Tools you will need to bring to your second class. Feel free to bring your own sewing machine or borrow one from the studio for a onetime $10 fee. 

Depending on the pattern you choose there may be some out of class work needed.

Prerequisite: Sewing 100  or equivalent experience

Facebook    View our Sewing Patterns 101 Course Facebook album here to see what other students have created! 

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